Holy walking. Holy listening. Together.

Holy walking. Holy listening. Together.

Holy walking. Holy listening. Together.Holy walking. Holy listening. Together.Holy walking. Holy listening. Together.

Inner and Outer Journeys Explored



Holy Walking

The art of walking, placing one foot in front of the other, carefully, thoughtfully, glancing inwardly while moving forward with intention, has been part of our Sacred human experience since the dawn of time. Creation invites us to partake and participate in the fullness of our human form, one intimate step upon the Earth at a time. Through themed walking retreats and contemplative walking practices, Walking Inspiritus  invites you to experience walking as prayer. Mindful walking is meditation in action. 

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Holy Listening

Holy listening invites the Spirit's direction and action into our lives. Group spiritual direction, or spiritual companionship, invites individuals to  experience deeper connection with the ground of all being and their deeper truths as they awaken to the presence of Spirit.  A Spiritual Director walks alongside, deeply listening, as a welcoming and compassionate presence. Walking Inspiritus offers both individual and group spiritual direction.  

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Our journey in Spirit is a pilgrimage through life. Companions on the journey open us to greater compassion and wisdom. Along with partners, Walk2Connect, Contemplative Outreach Center of Colorado,  Spiritual Direction Colorado, and Remember Your Wings, Walking Inspiritus also co-creates opportunities for deeper connection with the Sacred Earth and each other through intentional movement, ritual, and meditation practices. Join us for quarterly Full Moon Walks, monthly Labyrinth Walks, and weekly Contemplative Walks. Visit the Calendar of Events.


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