Nurturing Soul-Directed Lives

Meet the world with purpose and joy.


Walking Inspiritus-A Soul Directed Life

At some point in our life, we find ourselves desiring for more...more purpose...more connection...more expansion...more fullness.  We desire to meet the world through what brings us most joy. We realize we desire a more "soul-directed" life. 

I work with individuals and groups seeking to restore themselves to wholeness. Through Nature-Connecting experiences on the Land, you will reconnect with your greater Self, discover your purpose, and recall your connection with Nature.


By exploring the Outer Wilderness while attending to your Inner Wilderness, your internal wisdom and Nature's wisdom will reveal your next steps in your personal or professional life.

Walking Inspiritus  invites you to BE and walk forward “inspiritus”, enlivened to live a soul-directed life. 

Walking Inspiritus offers many pathways to greater self-awareness and reconnection with Nature:

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