About Maria Rosa Galter

After 10 years of work in the international non-profit sector, as founder of Into Your Hands-Africa, later as the Executive Director of AfricAid and Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW-USA), I was invited to travel down a different path. 

After immersing myself in Fr. Thomas Keating's Spiritual Journey Series through Contemplative Outreach of Colorado and two years of directed discernment within the Episcopal tradition, my desire to tend to the spiritual growth of those "outside the walls" of religious structures was awakened. Listening to this invitation, I enrolled and have now graduated from the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program and was trained in Reiki I and Reiki II by Sr. Jan Ginzsky from Benet Hill Monastery.

Currently enrolled in Earth Based Institute's Nature Connnected Life Coaching program, approved by the International Coach Federation, I am responding even more deeply to the Spirit's call for all of us to be transformed through greater awareness and connection with Nature. I believe that Nature is longing for our renewed participation and that through spiritual expansion, joyful play, intentional work, and creative energy, we can align to our true purpose and co-create a more compassionate world for our Earth, for ourselves and for each other.  

I believe that playfulness and creativity are part of our path to growth and transformation. To explore this further, I graduated from the Bovine School of Improv and continue to be a student of improv with Evergreen Players Studio One. Through improv, I continue to learn how to be more open, more accepting, and more compassionate.

I believe in the transformative power of walking in Creation. As a Member-Owner of Walk2Connect, my passion for leading contemplative hikes and walks continues to thrive thanks to the beautiful and supportive community of this Co-op. 

The Master once referred to the Hindu notion that all creation is “leela”— God’s play—and the universe is his playground. The aim of spirituality, he claimed, is to make all life play.

This seemed too frivolous for a puritanical visitor. “Is there no room then for work?”

“Of course there is. But work becomes spiritual only when it is transformed into play.”

--Anthony de Mello

Contact me at: maria@walkinginspiritus.com or here