Holy Walking. holy listening. together.

Walking as Sacred Practice


 Sign up to receive news and information about upcoming Contemplative Walking Retreats, weekly contemplative walks, quarterly Full Moon Walks, and Labyrinth Walks. See the calendar of events and check out Walk2Connect's event page for more details. To find out more about the benefits of walking, visit here. 

Spiritual Direction


Through holy listening, I will support your walk in Spirit as you befriend who you are and where you are, honoring your truest self.  By growing in self-knowledge and compassion, you become steps of prayer on the Earth as you embody the fullness of your life in Spirit. To find out more about Spiritual Direction, visit here.

Prayer for Healing and Wellness


 Grace me with your trust. Allow me to pray for you in person or remotely. Rest in the presence of prayer through the healing experience of Reiki. A one hour session will support the intention you set for your own healing as you open to the presence of the Spirit.  To learn more about Reiki, visit here

Walking the Earth

Holy persons draw to them-

selves all that is earthly. . . .

The earth is at the same time mother,

She is mother of all that is natural,

mother of all that is human.

She is the mother of all,

for contained in her

are the seeds of all.

 -Hildegard of Bingen

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