Why Walk?

Walking has profound effects on our well-being--mental, physical, and spiritual. When we walk, we ground our-selves in the original body experience of our one interconnected being—mind, body, soul. We re-connect, re-form, re-imagine, re-create. We wake up to the Divine reality around us.  Walking quiets our mind, releases anxiety, and allows for the unprocessed emotional realities of our past embedded in our body to move and be released.  Walking roots us in the reality of the present moment as we let go of attachments and expectations. 

Walking upon the Earth opens us up to see its infinite cycles—birth, death, rebirth—its seasons—planting, growth, harvest, reseeding, silence—its weather—storms, floods, gentle winds, bountiful water, harsh sun and welcome shade. We experience its diversity of life, its abundance and care, its scarcity and destruction, and it becomes the crucible which makes us aware of the Sacredness that holds the Earth, the people around us, and beings with whom we share life. As we walk together, we become community--one interdependent fabric that includes all beings. 

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Featured Partners

Walking Inspiritus works with thoughtful and intentional movement-focused partners who share the vision of healing through connection. 

Walk2Connect, an innovative worker-owned cooperative working to create whole-health walking programs focused on connection to others, to the places we live, and to ourselves. 

Remember Your Wings invites you to "move, connect, and be yourself" through  guided movement and mindful practices that acknowledge you as a unique and valued individual, inviting you to soar.