Nature Connected Life Coaching

What is Nature Connected Life Coaching?

Nature Connected Life coaching is a pathway for personal and/or professional growth and transformation that collaborates with Nature, both the Nature found outdoors, as well as Nature found within ourselves.  Through our interaction with Nature, our brains re-wire creating new pathways for transformation and our bodies heal, allowing us to become our best selves. 

Most Nature Connected Life Coaching sessions take place outdoors and incorporate an experience that engages with the Land.  This deep connection with the Land invites us to listen more deeply to our own inner knowing and intuition. 

The Land offers examples and lessons that can be explored and applied to our personal and/or professional situation. Through skillful observation, listening, and powerful questions, a NCC guide or coach offers a supportive presence as you listen deeply to Nature and to the answers that already lie within you.  

We look to Nature to support you as you work towards your personal and/or professional goals as you:

  • make life changes
  • navigate transitions
  • improve health—both mental and physical
  • build connections
  • develop career and leadership skills

"That which you seek is already here." 

--The Land

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